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The Team
Alessio Santangelo

ARES Robotics is a team of students highly interested in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence motivated towards research and development in various fields of robotics. It is a multidisciplinary collaboration of undergraduate space aficionados of about 30 motivated students from the Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology, working tirelessly to formulate, design and fabricate a rover that can be put to use in early exploration of Mars. Robotics, being a multidisciplinary field requires knowledge of wide variety of subjects ranging from mechanical, electronics and embedded systems, control systems, computer vision and machine learning. Recently we were among the list of qualified teams for European Rover Challenge (ERC) with only 50 other teams selected and shortlisted globally.

Our Story

URC 2018
Cleared PDR in first attempt
European Rover Challenge
Qualified to Represent NSIT
System Acceptance Review
Created the prototype and SAR for URC 18

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While we are extremely passionate about robotics, however as students our progress is severely hindered by a lack of funds. Building a rover from scratch is a tough and equally expensive task. With a large team of various disciplines teaming up to address several challenges, we require to build the rover's body, sophisticated communication systems, a rather precise robotic arm, stereo vision system and much more. The cost for such a project is insanely huge to be funded by a group of students like us. While we try and make the best of whatever resources we can aquire, we almost definitely cannot be successful without outside aid.

We are looking for Sponsors and Donors alike. If you are interested in supporting a young enthusiastic team working hard to bring home a passion for robotics, please do reach out to us. You can also support us through our online fundraising campaign on Ketto.

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